20 September 2010

Fastest Birds: Peregrine Falcon & Gos Hawk

This was posted by two friends of mine (who don't know each other) on Facebook this morning.  Events like this have a way of teaching me two things: that subtle influences affect our lives significantly and that I like certain types of people... in this case, people who like peregrine falcons!  Maybe it's the aviation link.

I also woke up to a new email from FirstReads saying that I've won a new book!  It's supposed to be about artists who do something brilliant early in their career and then get panned for their later work.  Based on the reviews, I think the author focuses on musicians more than artists in general, so I'm sure I'll need to call my dad (a musician) to know who half these people are.  I'm hoping that I can generalize what this book says.  Breakthrough scientists often exhibit the same pattern of a brilliant early career, followed by a lot of work no one cares about.  I've wondered why all my life, so I'm hoping to find some answers.

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