About Me

I'm Lindsey: INTJ, aerospace engineer, military spouse, and all around curious person.  Born and raised in Florida, I now get to travel wherever the Air Force sends us (4 states and counting!).  I have one bachelor's and two master's degrees that have everything to do with my career and nothing to do with my blog.  I'm married to a wonderful husband, we have a child (known here as "kid1"), and we are owned by two beagles with polar opposite personalities.

My interests are wide ranging, as this blog is likely to reveal.  Topics you're likely to see include reading, music, science, history, psychology, sewing, mathematics, cross-stitch, dogs & dog training, Myers-Briggs personality types, good food, engineering, anthropology, statistics, personal finance, sociology, and economics.

My love of reading led to the name of this blog: Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost.  It's a quote from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings which I think describes my general mental state quite aptly.  Although I tend to move quickly from subject to subject, I'm not lost, just enjoying the path less traveled.  Thanks for enjoying it with me!