01 August 2011

Crazy in its Many Forms

Crazy traveling lady here, back from a whirlwind month!  We traveled to see my family in Florida (with fabulous baby shower #1), then drove to New York to see DH's family (with fabulous baby shower #2), and then (because the AF can't let a good thing be) ended up spending a weekend in Alabama because DH got called up at the last minute for mandatory training.  Not that I'm complaining; better now than when there's an infant in the house, but it's still just that much extra craziness to handle.

Speaking of being pregnant (and crazy), I have definitely hit the 3rd trimester full on.  A friend told me that going from trimester 1 to 2 was like a light switch being thrown and I definitely agree... over the course of 2-3 days, my energy (and appetite) suddenly reappeared.  Some mom-friends have told me that this energy lasted them till month 9, others that it went away just as suddenly at the beginning of month 7.  I am apparently in a third category: let's call it the "long slow decline" group.  I'm starting to feel my energy flag a little earlier and easier, but I'm no where near the exhausted state of my first few months.  I just hope this decline isn't too rapid; there's a lot to be done still before the baby arrives!

It should be a quiet few weeks around here.  I'm almost done with another class and will be starting my last pre-baby class in a couple weeks.  After that, I take a 3 month leave of absence, then return to take my last two classes after the first of the year.  I'm hoping to get further on some sewing projects and put up a post soon about ones I've completed since my last update.  I'm also hoping to actually crack open a book this month!  Then there's the baby furniture to be assembled and the clothes to wash and the registries to update.  Maybe it's not going to be as quiet as I thought...

Oh!  One last thought/question: what's your favorite personal finance blog?  Mine is Get Rich Slowly, but I'm looking to add one or two more to my subscriptions.  I'm also on the lookout for a purely military personal finance blog.  If you know of one, please send it my way!  Thanks all!  More coming soon!

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