14 June 2011

Quilting Progress

I had lunch with my friend Leah today, who is very crafty and is making me an awesome baby carrier that I will be sure to post pictures of once it's home!  But our talk about sewing reminded me that I haven't said much about my quilt's progress recently.

First, the promised picture of the border fabric:

Another friend of mine pointed this out to me at the local quilting shop.  At first, I couldn't see how to incorporate it, even though I liked it.  But when I discovered that I needed a border fabric, this was perfect!  It's hard to see between the pictures, but the colors of the letters match the solid block colors.  I can see now why so many quilters keep fabric "stashes" for just such an occasion.

Tonight I completed sewing all the squares for the quilt!  Here's the stack:

And here's an idea of what they look like unfolded:

I still have to iron out all blocks and then square them off, which might be a little tricky (yay rotary cutter!).  But after that, the piecing can start!  I'm not sure how I'll arrange the blocks, but I enjoy organizing things (I know, weird), so I'm sure to have fun!

I'm trying to finish piecing the front before I travel to see my family next month.  It's going to be tight, but I want my mom's help with the backing and some serious advice on the actual quilting part.  We're going fabric shopping while I'm there (yay!) so my mom can pick out some fabric to make nursery paraphernalia.  We have a teddy bear theme going for the room and I was able to score a great deal on two teddy bear fabrics at Hancock last month:

Aren't they cute?!  I especially love the green one.  The tan-ish one is a regular cotton, but the green plaid is just a little heavier.  There's enough fabric of each to make crib bumpers and plenty of the green fabric to do something else.  Both fabrics are licensed prints and for $2.00 and $2.50 per yard, they're even cuter!

I also have a cross-stitch project I need to finish before the same trip. I think I better start devoting more time to crafting!


  1. That is going to look soooooooooo awesome!!!!

  2. Thanks! I hope it turns out. I'm excited to start piecing it together!

  3. love the alphabet print! and the blocks look great (and will look even better once ironed and trimmed!)

    i love organizing too, and can't wait to finish all my quilt blocks so i can figure out just how to organize them!

    as for the quilting part, i'll be interested to see how you end up doing it. i was very ambitious with my nabaquipro, thinking i'd do it all myself, but ended up liking the professional long-arm quilting job way more than i thought i would! i think the loft of the batting has a lot to do with which type of quilting will work best. the nabaquipro was a very low-loft batting, so having so much quilting was okay. but with a higher loft (like what i plan on using for the comforter quilt currently in progress) less quilting seems like the natural way to go.

    either way, whatever you choose, keep up the good work! make the most of the 2nd trimester energy while it lasts!