10 March 2011

Crafty Wishes

I'm feeling the urge to be crafty.  I had to put off joining a quilting class that I really wanted to attend for extraneous reasons and I feel the need to make up for that!  I'm actually working on two cross-stitch pieces for two different friends, plus one for myself, but I really want to sew today.  Cross-stitch is great for relaxing or having something to do on long car trips, but today I want to make something.

However, I don't really have any projects going at the moment, other than the monstrous pile of repair work that I should do.  I love this platypus that my friend Amy made in just one day!

So how about it crafty friends?  Any cute, quick projects to suggest?

Or any websites or stores where you get great bargains on quilting supplies?


  1. Throw pillow? Pincushion? Bean bag? Scarf? Skirt?

  2. this website has a bunch of free embroidery patterns (similar to cross stitch, but less rigid, and you can use any fabric such as a pillowcase)

    bird seed ornaments are not just for the holidays. i'm sure the birds near your house will like them any time of year (and the dogs may get a kick out of extra traffic to the backyard!)

    this project would probably appeal to you, and can be done thriftily too! it turns an old hard cover book into a clutch purse.

    if you really want to try your hand at a quilt, you should check out this post which links to pretty much everything you need to know about beginner quilting and this post with plenty of free patterns and tutorials.

    i'm glad you like my platypus!