11 February 2011

Who Is John Galt?

Super exciting discovery!

One of my favorite books of all time, Atlas Shrugged, is coming to theaters this spring!  Its release date is April 15th (yes, tax day, and if you've read the book, you know why), but the trailer was released today.  So here it is in all its awesomeness:

The filmmakers thought ahead and broke it up into three movies.  Each one will cover one part of the book, which was originally broken into three parts anyway and divides the storyline at very natural points.  I think this will help enhance the talk surrounding the mystery of the story.

And yes, there will be an outing to see this movie, whether I have to drive all the way to New Orleans or not.  You see, it's an independent film, so the distribution won't be as wide as say, Transformers 3; but on the plus side, it will make you think, as opposed to killing brain cells by watching vulgar car-bots.  Thus, it will be worth the drive time.

Anywho, for those of you who are fans of Rand's work, there's a Facebook page for the movie as well as an Official Site.  Be sure to visit, "like", and repost.  Increased visibility for a movie like this can only help.

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  1. Hey, if it only plays in NOLA, we can go together, if you want. I haven't had the chance to read it yet, but want to. We can stop at my mom's house so I can drop off Kaity and make a day of it.